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Donets played non-stop

22.04.08 Khreshatik

Tonight is the night of official closing of International jazz festival Do#Dj. The concerts were held on several capital stages, with Kiev media holding being a general media sponsor. Two days and two nights of a fine selected jazz is a proof that luckily good quality music doesnt depend on politics and geography.


Jazz Festival managed without Americans

22.04.08 Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine

Another eights festival Do#Dj was held in Donetsk . This time organizers managed without fancy foreign headliners, but presented as much popular Ukrainian musicians.


No brakes jazz

22.04.08 Gazeta po-donetski

Only crazy one would drive a car with no brakes even if the car brand name is Dodge. International Jazz Festival Do#Dj 2008 held April 17-22 nd went off without any crashes even though its slogan was with no Brakes. Palace of youth Yunost wasnt able to seat everyone wishing to see, or better to say, wishing to hear the guests of one the biggest jazz-forums on the territory of former USSR .


Do#Dj doesnt change its residence and stays in Donetsk


Annual jazz festival Do#Dj for the eighths time was held in Donetsk , but this year with some innovations . Its not a behind-the-scenes contest anymore as 12 young musicians performance was open not only for the jury but for everyone wishing to see the competition.


This Do#Dj is for long

16 (695) April 26 th May 16 th 2008 Zerkalo nedeli

The eights international festival Do#Dj held in Donetsk annually ended with the concert of a British band Shakatak in Kiev entertainment place Alta Center . Englishmen got older but didnt lose their spirit. People in Kiev , who love their unpretentious dance music, enjoyed their time. As for us, we are more concerned about the events in Donetsk that reflect nowadays world of jazz.


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