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Jazz incarnations of Donetsk ambitions
14.04.2006 Delo Newspaper
An evident success obtained at Donetsk , Kyiv and Moscow concerts inspired organizers for creation of a new slogan: D#Dj is a cult!. Among the four large-scale festivals that are held in Ukraine, Donetsk festival is notable not just due to the seriousness of technical preparation and compulsory star guests. The main D#Dj attraction is the Contest of young performers, which is not presented at Odessa, Lviv, Koktebel, Vinnitsa and Kyiv Festivals.
Donbass jazz attack
07.07.2005 Evening news Newspaper

D#Dj is not a mechanism, though it works just as well as the best mechanical unit. D#Dj is Donetsk plus Jazz. The Festival exists. On April 12 and 13 the best Ukrainian, Russian, German and other jazz bands have been performing non-stop in Donetsk Youth Palace and in the city clubs simultaneously. On April 15, the legendary forum with the unimaginable worldwide appraisal came to Kyiv!


Jazz spring from Donetsk

17.04.2006 RUpor . info ( http :// www . rupor . info / full . php ? aid =47792)

Jazz spring came to light in Kyiv. It arrived from Donetsk , having the name D#Dj. On April 12 and 15, 2006 the VI International Jazz Festival D#Dj 2006 took place.
What is D#Dj 2006? First of all, it means Festival concerts, gala concerts of national and foreign jazz music, jam-sessions, unique in its way International Contest of young performers D#Dj junior 2006.

Were from jazz
19.04.2006 TV World Weekly
Several thousands people, who with amazing persistency year after year have been knocking on the door of Do#Dj Festival, can be divided into following categories: those, who seek refuge from the ubiquitous and expedited of meaning pop music, then those, who come and sit with a mean face later talking about love for the elevated and eternal for the sole sake of greater authority, and finally those, who actually work for this festival of life. I have to admit that, coming to the sixth jazz festival, I ascribed myself to the last category, but left with a clear confidence of belonging to the first.

Do#Dj 2006 Festival

28.04.2006 Afish

Jazz in a customary un-derstanding (good old Dixie, Swing and Bebop) never happened a sound of open, joyous pop music hovered around, strongly performed and sang from the heart.


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