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Do#Dj 2007: jazz conquered Donetsk again
17.05.07 Donetsk news

Jazz Festival Do#Dj is a mouthful of fresh air amidst dusty Donetsk spring. Even for the ones, who are indifferent to jazz or the ones, who dont like it. Do#Dj has long become a sign of good taste in music, as due to its irreproachable taste, the organizers manage to bring to Donetsk genuine professionals and truly artistic and talented performers from all over the world. Besides, they are never mistaken the audience is ecstatic about it, as usual.

Jazz is jazz
16.05.07 TV World
In order to briefly describe the Youth Palace stage performance on May 10 and 11 we would like to use Vladimir Feiertags words: This is something that will rule the ղ st century.
Everything jazzed!
17.05.07 Donbass

If only we could have more festivals like that, political situation would become more stable director of the Department of cultural affaires in Donetsk city administration Nikolay Yurenko announced at the Opening Ceremony of the 7th International Jazz Festival Do#Dj. Indeed, the festival gathered Ukrainians, Americans, Russians, Lithuanians and Poles on a single stage. It is true that when it comes to art, political contradictions shamefully retreat into the farthest corner .


Donetsk becoming a capital

20, 2007 TV Guide. Donetsk business card

Have you ever seen a world-scale star, who would photograph his fans in the heat of the show?.. I would love to believe that some of you have been watching this soulful scene one of these days. If, of course, you are a music Lover with a capital L and visited International Jazz Festival Do#Dj 2007 in the Youth Palace on May 10 and 11!

The COSMOS aliens.
16.05.07 MK-Donbass

Its been a while since International Jazz Festival Do#Dj has seen such an insane amazement, as during the shows of the Russian Alexey Arhipovsky, also known as the Paganini with a balalaika, and a Lithuanian vocal band Cosmos. And though this years program hosted even greater stars, such as Russian National Music TV and Radio Station Georgiy Garanyan big band and Bolivar-Ovrutsky-Butman Trio (USA), they did not succeed to receive such a number of applause from the audience.


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