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D#Dj 2005: Festival boundaries broadened

08.07.2005 TV Guide Weekly
Just a few months ago alarming gossips were spreading among Donetsk music lovers, saying that this year Jazz Festival D#Dj will not take place. It is hard to see who and why spread these gossips, but when respective announcements appeared the various doubts vanished: D#Dj will take place, there is no doubt about it! The jubilee, the fifth one!
A trend for D#Djy weather
08.07.2005 Rest Magazine
For its anniversary D#Dj has brought such a cool star band that getting into Kyiv concert hall became an impossible matter. Even for money. The key figure was Georgian Diva Nino Katamadze and the Insight band.
Jazz will play eternally
07.07.2005 TV week Weekly
Thanks to the organizers efforts a Kyiv-based company ICMG - the fifth Jubilee Jazz Festival D#Dj 2005 broadened its horizons this year, encompassing concerts in Donetsk (Youth Palace), Kyiv (Persona club) and Moscow (Moscow Jazz club). The forecast of the immortal Festival host comes true: Jazz will play eternally.
The springtime D#Dj
04.07.2005 Khreshchatyk Newspaper
Jazz Festival in Donetsk discovered the names of young performers and introduced the world-scale stars.
Jazz transit
04.07.2005 The Day
In the course of five years D#Dj Festival has established an outstanding reputation and the all-time exquisite guest list. This year it is jazz-funk fairy Nino Katamadze with her Insight band from Georgia , whose creative work is nourished by rock, jazz, funk, classical stage and Georgian national music. The Festival also hosted a similarly brilliant guitar star Dean Brown Trio from the US , who has previously played with a dozen first-class stars. All Europe-famous jazz-bossanova band Jazzinho from England is a permanent participant of the main world jazz forum of the Montreux Jazz Festival. Ukraine is represented by rhythmnblues dance & vocal formation Soul , a last year D#Dj revelation Masha Stepanenko, an Ethnovation septet and Alexandr Rukomoynikov quintet. All these musicians, though different by style and attitude to jazz, are united by this years sole, but trendy club format, the word being used in its best world-wide meaning.
D#Dj music for the chosen ones
21.06.2005 No censorship Newspaper
Established in 2001, this fest immediately evoked favorable response. According to the JAZZ.RU internet site opinion, D#Dj got an honorable place in five European leading jazz forums. Prestigiousness of this event lies in its unique character: D#Dj is one of the few modern festivals, in the scope of which an International Contest of young performers is held. In the course of recent years the beginners were assessed by Professor Gnesin and famous national musician Igor Bril.
15.06.2005 City Weekly

At a press-conference, dedicated to the fifth anniversary of jazz festival D#Dj, Alexandr Seriy the President of the Festival delivered a speech concerning attention to the Festival, displayed by Kyiv and Moscow (cities that had a one-day festival session each), which is an attainment in a way, also noting that this anniversary festival is an incentive to the future festivals, which is quite optimistic. Considering also that a brilliant star Nino Katamadze (vocal) was invited for this years D#Dj 2005 brining the Georgian Insight band from Tbilisi, informational partner being erotic Playboy magazine, which promotes jazz festivals worldwide.

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