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Jazz a la Donetsk with a Kyiv accent

30.04.2004 All week Magazine

Presentation of the International Festival D#Dj 2004, with a four-year history in Donetsk , has become a striking event in Kyiv last week. The Swing club hosted genuine music lovers. Eminent Donetsk audience, mingled with Kyiv Beaux Monde, enjoyed live music of Byelorussian Arkadiy Eskin trio and a French duet of a piano player Manuel Rocheman and Olivier Ker-Ourio, incomparably trilling on his harp.


All will Jazz

14.05.2004 Politics and Culture Journal

The fourth mass emotional deportation into the jazz skyscraper happened in Donetsk with an intensity of Do#Dj 2004.


All that Jazz

17.05.2004 Kyiv Bulletin Journal

Impressions from the recent IV International Jazz Festival Do#Dj 2004 in Donetsk are still fresh The best musicians literally bewitched the music lovers with their performances.


Jazz Echo of Donetsk Feast

30.04.2004 Kyiv Telegraph

In its own times, Donbass capital was the biggest center not only of the heavy industry but of the USSR jazz life as well (also heavy, by the way). Donetsk was well known to the jazz lovers both in the country and far beyond its borders, as the famous musicians from all over the world gathered here. It is mainly due to this fact and relying on strong traditions and correct management approach that the first International Jazz Festival DoDj (Donetsk jazz) was acknowledged to be one of the most striking events of such class in 2001 and got to the best five European forums.

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