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Regulations of International contest of
young performers «Do#Dж junior»

The final round of International Contest of young performers «Do#Dj junior 2010» (hereinafter Contest) will take place in Donetsk (Ukraine) in spring of 2010 in the scope of IХ International Jazz Festival «Do#Dj 2010».

Participation in the Contest is allowed for instrumental, vocal, compound (vocal-instrumental) bands, the Members being older than 13 at the time of the Contest, but younger than 28.

The Contestant has a right to participate only in one band.

The prize-winners of International Contests «Do#Dj junior 2001», «Do#Dj junior 2002», «Do#Dj junior 2003», «Do#Dj junior 2004», «Do#Dj junior 2005», «Do#Dj junior 2006», «Do#Dj junior 2007», «Do#Dj junior 2008» (holders of the Grand Prix, the First, Second and Third Prizes), «Do#Dj junior 2009» performing in the same cast and under the same name, will not be allowed to the Contest.

The Contest will be composed of two rounds: the Selection Round and the Final Round.

1. Selection round
Contestants send or give personally the following music carriers and documents to the address of Festival Organizing committee:

• The application form for participation in the Contest signed by each participant of music group;

• Soundtracks of two (2) compositions: 1) jazz standard - an obligatory condition, 2) free composition. Soundtracks are given on CD. The general duration of sounding of two compositions should not be more than 12 minutes;

• Release of music group or individual singer in the free form for the festival booklet and press (5 000 signs)

• Two color photos of every contestant (3х4 - without headdress) with the information on the backside - first name, middle initial, last name, group, city, country;

• Xerox-copy of the passport of every contestant.

The application forms and soundtracks of contestants are not returned and reviewed.

Only musical groups and performers selected by Organizing committee during Selection round are supposed to participate in the Final.

The final among instrumental, vocal and vocal-instrumental collectives will be held separately. The competitive program of participants should include only those compositions which have been given for Selection round.
The general duration of performance should not be more than 12 minutes (including preparation). The increase in duration of performance entails penal sanctions.

Arrival for participation in the Final is possible only after the invitation letter of Organizing committee!

Jury judges performances of Final participants.
Jury has the right to award or not to award any of premiums.
Jury has the right to divide prize fund of premium winners between participants of the Final (except for Grand prix).
The decision of jury is final and is not a subject to the appeal.
Organizing committee of Festival and sponsors can also honor participants of the Final with special prizes and \or diplomas.

4. Premiums and encouragements
Grand prix
First premium among instrumental collectives
First premium among vocal (vocal-instrumental) collectives
Second premium among instrumental collectives
Second premium among vocal (vocal-instrumental) collectives
Third premium among instrumental collectives
Third premium among vocal (vocal-instrumental) collectives

The best in nominations:
Percussion instruments
Male vocal
Female vocal
Competitive composition
Discovering of year
Unique person

5. Financial conditions of the Contest and the obligations of contestants

Residing expenses of foreign contestants are covered by Organizing committee of the Festival .

Travel expenses and daily allowances of the Final are covered by the sending organization or contestants.

Participants of the Final take up obligations to participate in one festival concert (in Donetsk or other city) which will be held in the limits of International jazz festival «Do#Dж 2010».

Finalists of the Contest also take up obligations to participate in final gala concert of International jazz festival «Do#Dж 2010» .

Laureates of the Contest automatically agree that Organizing committee can use at its discretion audio-(video-) records of performances and materials sent by contestants.

Organizing committee

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